Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TimeSlotStudio - We're building a very special broadcast ready studio for you

Creating video in a timely and straight forward manner is still a challenge for most organisations. There are so many considerations; lighting, audio, microphones, makeup and video formats. Not to mention all the camera work and script writing. It's no wonder many professional people find it way too hard to make a serious start.

That's why some of our friends we asked us to build a studio for customers and their clients. The concept we've worked up is "Walk in Walk out" - everything set up, everything ready to use; cameras, audio, lighting and props and broadcast - thanks to our incredibly fast NBN fibre networks.

Digital Dave gives a quick technical test of the studio - 
We've invested heavily in great networks and computers to allow you to broadcast or narrowcast your content in real time. This can be used for a lecture, a lesson or a musical performance. Importantly it can be used to help monetise your productions on a subscription or pay per view basis.

While our technical investments are up and working now, we have a vision of a greater studio. A infused with the 1960 and 1970s - the era of so much change. The era of the birth of the internet, video recording and amazing creativity.

We're commencing our own crowd funding campaign to make our studio something extra special for our partners, customers and their clients.

We've created a broad array of rewards for our crowd funding campaign - from full production series, exclusive T-shirts, and a special 60' / 70's themed cocktail party and much in between.

Get involved in our Pozible powered Crowd Funding program here:

Come on board - join our mission to give you to best digitally leveraged AV studio on the East Coast of Australia.
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