Friday, September 4, 2015

Is the Apple Watch the next iPhone?

After a huge fanfare it appears that Apple's much hyped Apple Watch has gone with the wind. Google, Garmin and many others have been quick to launch or relaunch their smart watches to the world.

"Our fans all aspire to having one"

Yet a recent visit to a city Apple store revealed an incredible interest in Apple Watch. "Our fans all aspire to having one" said one of the blue shirted Apple Geniuses. He's right the word "aspire" seems apt. Not everyone I spoke to could justify the cost of between $500 and $1500+, depending on their fashion sense and bank account.

Apple's Watch is an aspirational purchase - CCommons
With so many 'aspirations' Apple has planted a powerful seed in the mind of millions of people around the world. It would only take a killer app to turn those aspirations into purchases.

So all Apple has to do is wait for some of the multitude in the developer community to come up with the apps that will spark the imagination. There are many apps already here and many more coming through the pipelines every week. Some of the best are apps are really useful to have on your arm. We love some of the following:
London Bus and Tube tracker - Apps that estimate when your transport will arrive, brilliantly useful.
Runtastic - is one of many fitness trackers that are actually very useful when on your wrist.
AirBnB - has made a splash with their Apple Watch App, adding even more convenience to an incredible service.
Evernote - has a great app that adds your wrist to it's incredibly useful note taking cloud software.

The killer app has not yet come, it will. When it does Apple will reap huge rewards in the same way it is still for it's game changing iPhone.More glam info at Apple Watch web page

If you have an idea for a great Apple Watch app let us know, we may just be able to help you. Contact us for a confidential discussion.

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