Monday, June 25, 2012

Why you need a smart phone website

Incredible growth in smart phone search

Did you know that smart phone use is growing at the rate of 400% per year. Much of this is leading to a quiet revolution in the use of the web for search. That's why we've have a mobile specific platform to our clients called YouCardQR.

Think about your own use. What do you or your family do when they are searching for a local business they just heard about in a conversation? Sure there are some that go through the old Yellow Pages hunt, though most pick up their phone and type in a search query, like 'gluten free pizza', 'tea house', 'insurance agent', 'chiropractor' or 'fruit store'.

Being local does give you an edge

All of those searches above and more will return local results first, if you've set your site up correctly. Assuming of course that you have a website for your business.

Remember most smart phones know approximately your location through their GPS or WiFi systems so they will look for reputable local business sites.

BUT if your website is made for a  large computer screen, what does it look like on a mobile cell phone?For most people the answer is "pretty small and difficult to read".

Don't rely on your old website

This short video will explain the difficulties of relying on your old website. It's not just about the size of the website.

Smart phones have touch screens

Remember that a mobile site will be used with a touch screen where people expect to be able to touch and call you phone number, touch and link to your map location, touch and link to you FB or Twitter page.

Simple Smart phone ready

Our YouCardQR platform has all these links in them natively with big buttons and quick links. See an example below of one of our customers.

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