Monday, October 29, 2012

Teamwork in the Cloud

Much is written and talked about the so called Cloud. It's a soft and fluffy term at the best of times and as witnessed here is full of mixed metaphors and analogies.
OI has been working with cloud technology for years and we know it CAN work if applied in a sensible collaborative fashion.
More importantly we should ask "what is it and what can we use cloud technology for?"
Cloud technology is best described as shared services through the use of internet servers that are located, not in your office but somewhere out in internet server world. This somewhere is The Cloud, you can see it but not touch it is how the analogy goes. In fact your data and services can be hosted anywhere really, as long as they are reassembled and delivered in the right place at the write time.  The focus is on the service NOT the physical infrastructure. After all it is services that are important, be it important emails, document access or computational processes that give you the answer you're looking for. In other words it allows us to concentrate on working together to get things done, some would call this "Teamwork".

We're pleased to be the lead Australian distributor of the successful cloud based collaboration tool called vTeam. As the name suggests the vTeam helps manage groups of people in a collaborative framework that get things done, without the usual technology confusion. It works from anywhere on the internet of any device.
The service can be used to coordinate groups as large as 100,000 people or teams of three or more. It's been applied in industries as diverse as construction, education, volunteering, community engagement, sport, dramatic arts and travel.  The service can be white labelled to create a seamless integration with your existing web or mobile services and is simple to set up and manage.

Contact us for a run through of this fantastic cloud based collaboration tool.
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