Saturday, September 29, 2012

OI featured nationally for advancing telework

Organise Internet has been featured on a new national Telework website ( as part of a campaign put together by governments and companies from around Australia. The campaign will climax during the National Telework Week, November 12-16 .

Our Principal Consultant and co-founder Dave Abrahams was asked why supporting a flexible work culture is part of supporting staff and how, in a broader sense, telework will help get people off the roads and rail and back into their local communities.

OI's Technical Manager Craig speaks about his regular telework and why it works for him, his family and the company.

We don't think it's such a big change to our innovative culture where supporting the team is the heart of all we do.

While many companies around the country are outsourcing their skills to offshore third parties, effectively diluting their innovative energy, we've decided to build our team by adding flexibility. The team may not be always (or ever) in the office but we want them always to be part of the team.

With the NBN investment, we're building our work culture toward a future that will be increasingly locally based with a global reach. Ask us about some of the cloud technologies and innovations we're working on that will work for you.

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