Thursday, April 23, 2015

Be Mobile Friendly or Disappear ? Not entirely

There's been much talk about 'Mobilgeddon' and the new Google rankings adjustment that will rank mobile friendly websites higher than sites that don't render well on mobile devices.

The official Google blog in Australia points out that ranking is made up of approximately 200 factors about your website, not just the ability of mobile users to view your website well. Having said that Google will be ranking websites that are mobile friendly higher than those that do not render for mobile phones for mobile searches. Fair enough, I'd certainly like to have a site that is touch screen and thumb friendly when I'm on my mobile. Google is at pains to remind people that these changes won't affect search rankings on traditional computers.

If ranking is a big deal for your business, you're probably already aware of these changes and have completed the transition to a mobile friendly platform. If not, now's the time to get moving. There are two main ways of achieving this: The first is to entirely redesign your website in a what's called a 'responsive' framework. The second is to create a separate site for mobiles and if necessary create a redirect to the mobile site. Google accepts both ways as legitimate. The first method is a bigger job and suits businesses that where going to upgrade anyway. The second is a quick and effective way to maintain your ranking.

Use this official Google tool to check out how mobile friendly your existing site is. Check here.

Despite all this 'formatting' discussion, our experience is that regular, interesting and relevant content is the best way to boost your website's rankings, and Google would say; a little Adwords advertising helps too :)

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