Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stop Complex - Simple Cloud productivity

Administration and compliance getting you tied up? Most modern people would answer yes to this and if they were involved in doing business they would most likely scream YES YES!

Recording what you do and why you're doing it has become an unfortunate default model for a modern world. Just noting down your car trips can become a major drag on your energy and potentially on your productivity. And to what end does all this recording and data collection do? A good question indeed, something we won't go into here, but to say that it can be good to have if and when things get sticky.
Most of us could indeed do a lot more with less reporting though the reality is we're going to have to change that over time.

One classic and true formula is to take a hit stick to your administration with the use of some high tech. Map out your necessary compliance and admin tasks and get creative about collecting the data, archiving it and creating reports. Once you've done this you'll feel a little more comfortable about organising the data into flows.

Now's the time to visit a complex solutions expert like Organise Internet . We'll use your map to suggest brave new ways to collect your data, archive it, process it and report on it. Typically we can halve administration time and therefore deliver significant productivity dividends. 

Apprenticeships at school

One major client in the training and education field has drastically reduced the amount of time used to organise and report on apprenticeships and traineeships in the state of NSW in Australia. The system has also improved the quality of reporting and compliance for this important sector of the state's skilled education training system helping increase the retention of young people in trade training contracts.

Solutions cloud

"The job of organising an apprenticeship for a young person while still at school is difficult, it involves parents, employers, schools and trade training institutions not to forget the apprentice themselves. The legalities and duty of care is significant and the 'paperwork' is a small nightmare. The sbatjobs system has vastly streamlined the process and improved the reporting. In fact most of the paperwork is done by the system" says Danis senior web engineers  at Organise Internet.

The processing system behind the scene has made the once complex task of organising and reporting on the progress of a apprentice or trainee a straight forward and well reported task.

This example is a classic solution of Complex to Simple , something that classic well designed and managed cloud solutions can help solve.

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