Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waves of digital innovations

Just recently I was called into an unusual meeting with a large client. I'd known this particular manager for some time and we've talked loosely about the opportunities that digital media present to get both engage with people and drive productivity gains. Though as we talked I become aware that he had managed to convince his ageing bosses that this digital evolution thing was worth focusing on. Though who can blame the older generation of senior managers. Innovation in the online world has been exhausting over the last two decades,

An incredible set of innovations have washed over us in the last 20 years; Email, The Web, Mobile Phones, eCommerce, Social Media all have spawned industries, companies and opportunities that were not even conceptualised in the world we occupied previously.

Take a quick look at the current waves hitting the beach; YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter & Mobile Apps. All have some surprising similar traits. They offer innovative groups of people a platform for real and lasting change if they can adopt them for their own purposes.

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