Monday, January 10, 2011

New Business Year Resolution 2011

Organise Internet's Three Step Guide

  1. Create good online content - generate interesting and engaging information!
  2. Get found on search engines - get where we all search for products and services!
  3. Create or improve your online sales channel - Make it easy and make it a habit.

Story of Disorganisation?

The big domestic retail companies are on the offensive and trying to lobby the government to effectively restrict offshore sourced online sales. While this appears logical, we think it’s like swimming against the tide.

Gerry Harvey is a great Australian businessman and philanthropist but sadly he typifies much of the national business attitude to doing business online: “It’s a fad that people will get over”. Well, hello guys the train has come and is leaving the platform. You need to jump on board.

Australian retailers still only sell about 2% of their goods online, this is surprisingly low when you consider that Australian consumers are some of the fastest adopters of technology in the world. Weird when you think most people still are forced to buy electronic equipment in a big retail store that are in turn paying dearly for floor space, their aisle walking staff and such abominations as letterbox advertising. A wonderful paradox don’t you think.

Banks as an Example?

There are of course exceptions to national online business successes. Take our banks for example. There’s no hiding the fact that ‘our’ banks deliver a huge amount of their service online, which is heavily used by most citizens. This is helping financial institutions deliver huge savings and dare I say much extra income to their share holders

So take a leaf out of our banking sector’s business manual, invest online. Now you may not have budgets like a bank, but you can do something progressive. Use our three point guide to help you. You may not have a budget for this or have other plans or providers, though you should know that we at Organise are here to help when you’re ready.

Get Organised

Organise Internet is one of those rare mid-tier online development companies that deliver high quality online products and services with a great success rate. Our staff are full-timers, they know their stuff, they work well as a team, they’re a mix of older hands and young guns.
We are NOT web designers, we leave that to our excellent graphic partners, we ARE however top notch advisers, programmers, constructors and testers of the online world.
So this year move ahead, work with us in making your online presence profitable, professional and visible. If you wish to make us part of your business progress this year please contact us. You can send us an email, or call us on 1300 30 17 18.

Here again is the Organise Internet three step new year’s resolution guide.
  1. Create good online content - interesting and engaging information!
  2. Get found in search engines - go to where we all search for products and services!
  3. Create or improve your online sales channel - Make it easy and make it a habit.
Why not copy, paste and print these simple goals.
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