Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simplify your Social Media and get on with business in 2012

How many hours do you use on "Social Media Production" at work. We suspect for some of you it maybe a fair amount of time. The next question is how effective is the time used.
1. Are you repeating yourself on Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube etc?
2. Are you communicating effectively to the right people in you social media channels?

We've made a short little video that covers this topic:

Simplify your Social Media this year

Why not put a little effort into moving some people between your various account. Take some of your prospective customers from FaceBook and Twitter, move your professional contacts into a LinkedIn account. Or invite people to watch your conversational video on Google+.

We've witnessed some great success with our branded online video customers using PixelMache.TV to distribute their messages.

How would a few thousand extra video views work for you? When you think of what that amount of customers would do... you get the idea.


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  3. I would suggest using social media and coupling it with your offline marketing endeavors. Communication and coordination will likely work for this model.
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