Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Video and Mobile set for Centre Stage

Get ready for mobile broadcast...

Last week, OI (the region’s only Google Engage partner) attended the first official Google+ Hangout session hosted by Google Australia. The trends that we have have noticed, primarily the uptake of mobile content have been confirmed by data they have been collecting. Google’s data indicates close to 1 in 4 search queries are from mobile devices, almost double what it was last year.
For some time now, OI has recognised and anticipated that mobile internet usage would be the highest area of growth and have begun developing websites that automatically adjust their layout based on screen resolution, rather than device. This solution represents a more cost effective and future proof option compared to designing versions of an existing website to cater for specific products. Here is a selection of our recent work: Invest Central Coast (an initiative of the Regional Development Australia),Search 4 Hurt, and Bounce Performing Arts. Try browsing these sites on your PC and your mobile.
This leads us to the next most important statistic Google has shared with us. Landing page usability on mobile devices correlates directly with AdWords campaign conversions rates. Figures suggest that a higher percentage of visitors on mobile phones are in “buying mode”, but a landing page that is not usable deters people from continuing. Is your website mobile-enabled?
Talk to us about attending a power briefing in 2012 starting from February, contact sales@organise.net.au to subscribe.


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