Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google Instant

Google is constantly working on improving its core product, the search engine. Many enhancements have been tested and most that make it past the testing phase and are actually implemented on its website go unnoticed by many. So it’s no surprise that Google’s recent enhancement, dubbed Google Instant, is receiving a lot of attention as it will have a significant impact on its users' experience.

Launched on Sep. 8 2010, Google Instant will dynamically display search results as you type and concurrently predict what you are likely to search for before you’ve finished typing. Google is predicting that this change will help people get to the right content faster. Based on usage information Google has been collecting, its prediction that Google Instant will save the typical user anywhere between 2-5 seconds per search is very plausible.

Google Instant can trigger a fundamental shift in the way people approach search. Since the inception of search engines, people are used to viewing search results as an outcome of a query. With dynamic results and predictive searching, people may need to change their perception. Seeing results as you type helps formulate a better search phrase by providing instant feedback which allows you to adapt on the fly until the results match what you are looking for.

Google has been quick to reassure people that this will not slow down their internet connection considerably, stating that the additional load it places on the connection is far less than streaming video and online gaming. Although technically more search results pages (SERPs) are served, Google has minimised the actual amount of data received and transmitted by only sending parts of the page that change.

Whilst many will welcome this innovative feature, not everyone will have access to it, at least not for now. Google Instant is being rolled out progressively in the following countries: US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia with other countries to follow “over the next several months”. Users will also have the ability to opt out of this new interface, and use Google exactly in the same manner they have been used for years.
Check out Google’s official video introducing Google Instant below. For more information visit Google.

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