Thursday, August 19, 2010

Social Media in Australia

Important global social media statistics

Social media sites are currently enjoying the largest online consumption growth. It is estimated that three quarters of the entire world's online population has visited social network sites or blog sites, with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube the most noticeable brands in this market. This represents a 24% growth compared to last year. The average visitor is now also spending 66% more time on these site; almost 6 hours per month which translates to 22% of their entire time spent online.

Australia's social media statistics

Australia's social media landscape is slightly different than the world trends might suggest. Here are some interesting facts about social media adoption in Australia that every business owner should know about:
  • 80% of the Australian population is online.
  • 9 million Australians use Facebook.
  • According to recently published statistics from Nielsen, Australia leads the world when it comes to social media site usage with the average Australian spending a staggering 7 hours and 19 minutes per month on social networking/blog sites.

What this means for you?

Social media has created an entirely new channel to engage your customers and promote your brand. There is much evidence that shows social media is here to stay and gaining popularity. Get in early and leverage this to your advantage before it's too late. Jump on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc and register an appropriate page/username before anyone else registers it. First in, best dressed!

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