Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Build a Local broadcast TV station via YouTube & WireCast

Live local broadcast IP TV channel.

Thirty years ago I was part of trying to start a local TV station. The idea was sound, the business plan was tight and we had local advertisers ready to go. Though one thing got in the way, the licencing fee from the government was so high it locked us out of the market.

In those days Australia had essentially 4 TV channels and few more regional and experimental channels. The commercial channels were so profitable and so popular there was a buzz about even being invited into their offices. It was in effect a protected industry with legislation and procedures to keep competition out. It was in other words not going to happen.

Fast forward 25 years and the world has changed in on major way, the Internet is now everywhere and bandwidth is increasing with every year that goes. All of which makes the streaming of video a viable and realistic option for most people.

We've been Researching and Developing a new business model for 16 months. We've trialled a series of production tools and broadcast options. More importantly we've worked with existing high quality content producers to fully aggregate and re-broadcast quality content in a format available to 85% of the population. We've called the project We think you'll agree, a new era of local, high quality content production and broadcast is now within reach.

Here is the result: A fully aggregated news and information service with the ability to schedule pre recorded content and stream live news, weather and other shows as it is deemed appropriate.

Broadcast can be accessed via mobile phones, PCs, tablets and TVs. Public screens in libraries, in shop windows or shopping centres are also possible.

Advertising revenue is catered for through multiple parts of screen realestate. Additional revenue can be generated by design and production of advertisements and specialist programs for public or private viewing.

If you're interested in creating a local of subject specific live broadcast IP TV channel contact us today and we'll walk you through the opportunities.

If you wish to promote of sell the amazing new opportunity for local communities, just pick up the phone and call +61 2 4325862 or email 

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