Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Open Letter To Our Clients

The internet is changing fast and we’re moving fast to help you. As a result we are upgrading our servers to make our internet services, including our web systems faster, more secure and more efficient.

We will be migrating your web sites and/or complex systems in the coming weeks. This is important for you to understand what is happening, depending on your circumstance:
  1. For most of our customers where we look after your domain names, you will not notice much of a difference. Though we trust you’ll feel a little faster and more secure.
  2. For customers that for one reason or another control their own domain(s), expect to receive an email with important instructions on how to redirect your domain to maintain your online systems.

As you've come to expect, our new servers are hosted in Australia in geographically separate locations (Sydney & Canberra) in one of country’s most secure server networks.

This will enable us to maintain our excellent up time record and to maintain short turn arounds on your system issues.

Why are we upgrading our services

Did you know that the time we all spend online has risen by over 300% in the last 5 years. We’re seeing a major move to online shopping and transactions, these need fast servers with robust backup routines.

Did you also know that Australia’s online traffic grew by 241% in the 12 months 2010 - 2011 according to the ABS. This puts brand new speed demands on the performance of servers.

You may also know that many companies are looking to move their business systems to the Cloud to reduce costs and speed up efficiencies. This is a sound and tried solution on the whole. We’re happy to show you how to create a strategy to make this happen.

Experience counts in the online world

Organise Internet has internet veterans that know the internet inside out. Indeed some of our team helped bring some of the first organisations onto the internet in the 1990s. Sure we also have high class graduates and programming gurus. Together our ‘team equation’ works to deliver exceptional innovation at sensible business rates.

So if you have an great idea talk to us. Organise Internet has been moving clients to online based services for years, we’ll show you the rewards and the potential risks.

Partnerships that count

Organise Internet is one of the country’s first Google Engage Partners. We also employ a specialist search expert that brings extreme search success to our search clients in a professional and consistent manner.

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